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The Gate

Dr. Dann Stouten
Teacher, Preacher, Author,

Leadership Coach

11436 South Lake Dr.
Holland MI 49424

Dann has always been known for his storytelling.  He is currently refining a story called "Tommy and the 6 Kings."  It is a retelling of the Christmas story with a surprising twist... 

"There is a real world all around us. We taste and feel it everyday. There is also another world where God dwells and those who have gone before us live with Jesus.  Dann Stouten helps us discover that those two places intersect more than we often notice. If we pay close attention, we just might see, smell, and learn to taste the goodness of a world beyond this one." Kevin Harney, author of Reckless Faith

Dann Stouten is an author, teacher, and preacher in West Michigan



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