The Gate Sermon Notes

Welcome to The Gate Sermon Series. Ordinarily when a book comes out that is accompanied by a sermon series the author will write all the messages himself, and I too have written and preached a sermon on each of the themes of The Gate at Community. But rather than just share my perspective on these topics I have chosen to invite several well know authors and teachers to join me in this project hoping to give it a greater voice. Each of the guest teachers was assigned a theme to talk about, but they were allowed to bring their own unique style and Biblical insight to the message which, I think, gives the series a richness and diversity.
This is the introduction to the sermon series material

1. Choices.. Dann Stouten, Teaching Pastor at Community Church in Zeeland Michigan,

2. Perseverance.. Mike Pitsenberger, Lead Pastor at Faith Church in Dyer Indiana,

3. Encouragement.. Jeff Porte, Lead Pastor at Center Point Church in Kalamazoo Michigan,

4. Priorities.. Jim Samra, Senior Pastor of Calvary Church in Grand Rapids Michigan,

5. Forgiveness.. Kevin Harney, Lead Pastor of Shoreline Community in Monterey California,

6. Hope.. Jeff  Manion, Senior Teaching Pastor at Ada Bible in Ada Michigan,

7. Limitations.. Don Porter, Lead Pastor of Corinth Church in Byron Center Michigan,

8. Good and Evil.. Tim Brown President and Henry Bast Professor of preaching at Western Theological Seminary in Holland Michigan.

Other Sermon Resources:

*The Angel Imperaitive
*What's your Batting Average
*Wasting Away in the Wilderness


Dann is a tallented artist and so when he tells a story he can see the images. Orginally The Gate had a series of Pen and Ink images designed by Dann's daugher that were designed to help the reader see the book clearly...

Every life is a story. Schuyler Hunt is about to come face-to-face with the author of his....

Dann Stouten is an author, teacher, and preacher in West Michigan



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